• Draughting Room

    Clad in woven ash, this room is where Spencer withdraws to for thinking and draughting. Spencer believes that in a busy environment it’s important to have a personal space to escape into; somewhere to organise one’s mind and keep special things.

    Top lit with a glass roof and supplemented with discreet lighting inset into the beams, the room has an aura of peace and calm. The panels of woven ash strips create a tactile surface and a neutral palette in which the grain of the wood is expressed in its natural, raw state. A concealed LED strip around the base of the panels washes the floor in soft light, and another above the panels uplights the roof beams, helping the room to feel more spacious. The white resin floor is made from environmentally friendly natural plant oil products, inlaid with oak discs.  It’s comfortable underfoot, durable and easy to clean. The wooden walls and resin floor both help absorb sound and prevent echoes, which is important in a quiet thinking space. Behind the woven panels are slim drawers, shelves and spaces, made entirely out of ash, which are designed to hold Spencer’s collection of tools, brushes, notebooks, paper and pigments. The double doors at the end of the room open up to reveal a grey felt board where Spencer pins sketches and work in progress.